Easter Eggs and Birds

Eggs are awesome protein packed little gifts from our feathery friends.  Naturally gluten free, eggs are great!  If you celebrate Easter you most likely will be coloring eggs.  If you are into using unique food dye try using things like the water from boiled cabbage, tumeric, boiled onion skins, coffee, or different teas.   If you use the boiled cabbage check out my article on Easter Ham Pineapple Rolls… yummy Easter Ham Pineapple Rolls.

As spring approaches do not forget to feed your neighborhood birds.  I enjoy leaving them supplies to nest with for the spring babies.  Things like dog hair and hay are great nest building materials.

Typically in the fall I buy a bale of hay and decorate it with pumpkins.  I do leave the hay out all winter with holiday decorations.  Once spring comes I shred up the hay and use it as mulch in my flower beds.

The birds love to use the hay for nesting material.  Every year I have a stubborn bird determined to build right on my porch light.  Enjoy your eggs and birds this Easter.

warm spot for a stubborn bird

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