5 Easy and Romantic Spring Decorations

Spring is the time you clean out the old and breathe in the new.  The air seems lighter, and the sky brighter.  With baby birds and animals everywhere, love fills the air.  Here is a list of easy, charming and handsome, spring decorations you can make.

1.  Tea Dyed Table Linens  How can you not think of spring colors with pretty chamomile yellow and green tea? Simply boil water and brew your hot tea.  Soak your linen for a few minutes to color.  Allow the fabric to air dry.   Courting over tea?  Very proper, indeed.

2.  Easy, Unexpected Garden Arrangements  18058085_1270670756316066_3453534216113551490_nTake a romantic stroll in your backyard.  Beautiful spring arrangements can be made using all kinds of garden items.  Find some pretty spring leaves, bark, (birch is beautiful)  bird feathers, or dried sticks.

3.  Birdseed Wreaths, or Charms  Go bird watching with your lover.  Bring a picnic for you and the birds.  To make a birdseed heart, star, or wreath you will need 1 plain packet of gelatin to every 1/4 cup hot water, 3/4 cups of birds seed, twine, a straw, cookie cutters, spoon, and wax paper.   Dissolve the gelatin in the warm water then stir in your birdseed.  Next spoon your bird seed into a cookie cutter laid out on the wax paper.  Place a straw in the top to make a hole for the twine.  Once the molds are cool simply slide them out of the cutters and hang with twine.  A super easy and great spring kid’s project as well.

4.  Bird Cages  Hit up thrift stores and rummage sales for old or unique bird cages.  Re-purpose and paint the cages with spring colors, pastel pink, blue, yellow etc.  Hang these outside or inside.  Fill them with living plants or artificial flowers.

5).  Old Windows  There is something romantic about old farm houses.   They paint a picture of long country walks and warm family dinners.   Hit up your local salvage yards to find old windows.  Old windows can easily be cleaned up, taped off, and painted.  Keep your design simple.  Paint the frame and hang twine with clothes pins for a place to hang pictures, recipes, or cards.  Or simply paint a flower or two on the glass for a simple piece of wall art.  You can even follow a stencil pattern if free hand painting is not your style.


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