Do you have leftover Holiday Ham? Make Easy Peasy Ham and Pea Salad Or Ham Pineapple Rolls! Get some recipes and learn how to follow this site…

You can follow this site by visiting  Hit the follow button (on the side on our site) this will prompt you to follow by email    You will receive a confirmation email.  After confirming that email you will receive up to date emails when we post a new sale, story, or recipe.

You can also follow this site via facebook, just find our homepage hit the like button then hit the follow button.  If you see something you like share with your friends, like, or comment.  This helps us stay in your newsfeed.

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Easy Peasy… speaking of that here is an awesome recipe for using up leftover holiday ham. Ham and Pea Salad, it’s Easy Peasy

Or try this one out Easter Ham Pineapple Rolls


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